If they are right for you, super deal on these hand made alligator straps. All genuine alligator and square grain. Click on the photo once to zoom in, and back arrow to return. Msrp over $200.

Superlative Alligator Straps $125
Superlative Alligator Straps $125
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Product Description

Starting from the left...

Item 1 - SOLD

Item 2 - 17x14mm Black, 85x123, Light Pad

Item 3 - 18x16mm, Black, 85x95, Light Pad, Rounded (Lange)

Item 4 - SOLD

Item 5 - 22x20mm, Black, Deployant strap, 90x105 (Breitling Deployant)

Item 6 - 15x14mm, Black, 75x105

Item 7 - SOLD

Item 8 - see separate icon

Item 9 - SOLD

Item 10 - not in picture 20x18, Black, rounded point 65x115